Hello SethBlogs Curious:

I think I overheard that one of you has been requesting more information about the person behind SethBlogs. Well, in addition to being a ranter, I also work in canine colossus astrophysics. Utilizing my special expertise in duct tape application, I am helping to build “AirPug,” which will be competing in Portland Flugtag (Flying Day) on August 1st, 2015. My brother Calum will be riding our giant pug, while my sibling-in-law Trevor, my sisters Tarrin and Sorrel, and I will then skillfully push him (and then ourselves) into the water from the Flugtag deck in the sky (approximately 26 feet up). Following our motto, “When pugs fly, anything can happen,” our goal is to break the world giant pug flying record of one foot.

Skeptical? I refer you to the following two videos which will verify my scientific claims.

You can also follow our puggy exploits on your favourite social media:

Twitter #TeamAirPug #WhenPugsFly


And FacePug

Fly Airpug, fly!

P.S. Air Pug flew well (click this pic for motion):


And we did break the world pug flying record! However, we haven’t yet gotten credit for it, as certain members of the media have suggested that I might have been on steroids at the time of pug flight. So we’re awaiting the results of that investigation before we get our membership in the Pugness Book of World Records.


Red Bull Flugtag 2015. Portland, Oregon. August 1, 2015. http://www.aflitt.com #aflitt #flugtag #redbullpdx
Red Bull Flugtag 2015. Portland, Oregon. August 1, 2015. http://www.aflitt.com #aflitt #flugtag #redbullpdx

3 thoughts on “WHEN PUGS FLY…”

  1. Wow! Love the documentary style of the behind the scenes one, in particular when Tarrin is measuring the pug, Sorrel is in the alley, Trevor is smiling sheepishly, and Calum is doing jumping exercises. Brilliantly orchestrated! It’s like an episode of the office but better because it excludes the smug personalities of Jim and Pam.

  2. Noice noice! I’m assuming the Confessional in the team video was purely anonymous, with no prompting whatsoever from anyone? It’s important that people have an outlet to express their true feelings.

    My favourite part was definitely the follow-up scene of Trevor’s expression of extreme skepticism.

    The best scene in the 1945 video was the line about toiling long into the night, along with a snoozing Donut.

  3. Thanks Natalie and Tarrin.

    Natalie, since our team is comprised of Office fans, your comparison of our video to that brilliant show, brings us great honour (even if you do pick on our friends, Jim and Pam). Those are my favourite shots, too—especially Calum earnestly practicing jumping everywhere.

    Tarrin, I love that shot of Donut looking bored while the crew is working, too. My favourite moment in the movie is when the announcer notes, “Even Donut gets in on the action. Go Donut!” I think it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the original promo movies. Well done, Donut’s marketing team for creating that fantastic video. (See @pugdonut on Instagram.)

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