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  1. Hi Seth. Dr. Robert Evans here. Great to here you stopped by the clinic last week. YOUR timing is impeccable! Sorry that I missed you, as it would have been great to talk to you to see whuzz up. Love your blog but, I am sorry, your sisters have to go.(Smiley facE) Man points are maximized my friend. We will do some couphy next time for sure. Also, I would love a review of my blog. Lastly, I don’t care about your comment moderation, I will resubmit a comment if I want to, it is a free blog world out there . . . as of right now anyway. Cheers and all the best.

  2. Dr. Bob! Thanks for your comment. (Sorry, the Comments Moderation wing of SethBlogs hid it from me until now. Apparently, your contempt for Comment Moderation rankled the system against you.) However, I thank you for your sport against sisters of SethBlogs. And congrats on your chiropractic blog Looks great and like a great place to get one’s physical system recalibrated – made we want to fly to Toronto to get a check up right now! My only complaint is that there seems to be no picture of Dr. Bob! What does he look like? Look forward to “coughy” and collection of my points next I’m in Toronto.

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