• I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recently made my debut performance as a cartoon blog character in the most recent episode of JamColouredGlasses (the official sister site of SethBlogs). It’s just a cameo appearance, and I play myself, but I’m rather pleased with my crossover performance.

    And, yes, I realize, that there are many cartoon actors who are more talented than me, who could have taken on this roll, yet I got to jump the casting queue because of my blogging fame.

    However, in my defence: I was playing myself in this cartoon, so I like to think I provided a performance that was at least comparable to the “trained” cartoon actors.

    But I leave that to your judgment.

    In the meantime, I have so many more creative avenues I’d like to explore: what should I do next? I’m thinking maybe a sing-along-blogging career!

    Posted by SethBlog @ 3:58 PM

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    • TomM Says:

      That’s a cool cartoon. I presume it’s Vancouver based, like yourself. Good local talent there.

    • SethBlog Says:

      Well spotted, TomM. Yes, I have set up my Sister Site operators in Vancouver where I can supervise their brilliance.

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