I saw the remade The Green Hornet last night. Superhero movies don’t have a great batting average with my taste, but the trailers promised it would be a humourous encounter, so I was willing to give it a try.

In the past, I’ve found the Hornet’s star, Namesake Rogen, to be likeable and funny (more so, generally, than the scripts he’s in). In this performance, Namesake’s bumbling superhero persona is paired with a highly skilled sidekick, Kato, who can design their supercar, drive it like a stuntman, and then perform magical martial arts on the enemy. Kato (played by Taiwanese musician, Jay Chou) has his own charm, but his limited grasp on the language of the movie (English) forces Rogen’s Green Hornet to take on the primary role of entertaining us during non-action sequences.

This is the tragic flaw of the film as Rogen seems to be feeling the pressure to make his lines big and hilarious in every moment of every scene to make up for his partner’s lack of contribution. The result is somewhat painful as Rogen’s over-the-top efforts are too big to be humourous more often than chance; and so, neither is the movie.


  1. It was quite telling that my favourite line (“hey, it’s the Green Hornet’s sidekick!”) was delivered by an off-screen extra. Plus they could have done a lot more with Edward James Olmos in the Morgan-Freeman-in-Batman role.

  2. Bwahahahaahaha…… I second what Tom said. So strongly that I actually feel guilty that I was not able to warn you in time …. Hope there were some sweet action scenes that you were able to enjoy?
    Rach (from CC)

  3. Well put, Clare. That’s quite funny that, with all of Namesake Rogen’s attempts to make us laugh, it was his barely-paid extra colleague who got your chuckle.

  4. Thank you, Rachel and TomD, for your retroactive “Green Hornet” warnings. The trouble, I submit, however, with pre-reviewing movies is that there have been many great movies that looked bad in preview. Recall the trailers for “Back to the Future”, which somehow managed to offer only its silliest scenes for advertisement. I remember my mother announcing, “I think we can do without that one”, only to discover eventually that BTTF was one the most fun adventures in movie history. As for your question, Rachel, I suppose “Green Hornet” had some good action sequences, but I find, if I find that if a show is not able to provoke me to care about its characters or plot, I don’t care as much about their stunts either.

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