• SETH ABOUT TOWN 09.02.2011

    A certain self of mine asked me to plug his work in the relatively new hockey magazine “Pucklife” (currently it’s a solely online production). My self’s article is a collection of entertaining hockey quotes, whose context the writer daftly explains for all levels of hockey understanding.

    To look at the magazine, click here: and to view my article, push forward two pages, and zoom in on the “QuipsRipsBlips” feature.

    Go quotes, go!

    Posted by SethBlog @ 10:27 AM

  • 3 Responses

    • Tarrin Says:

      Cool! Looks like a pretty snazzy mag. Glad they let you add your blog address.

    • meggles Says:

      Can’t wait for the print version to come out. Are you getting your next segment ready?

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thanks, Tarrin and Meggles. It is indeed a snazzy magazine. My second quote-loaded entry is submitted and awaiting publication. I’ll keep you posted here.

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