In the SethFM broadcast promoted in my previous post, WHO DARE YOU?, I criticized Cancel Culture apologist, Dr. Hannah McGregor, for following the identity politics’ trend of using race and gender as a sorting mechanism for who should be speaking and who should be silent. For instance, the professor criticized the writers of the famous/infamous Harper’s letter (which criticized Cancel Culture) for, not possessing the appropriate demographics to be making such criticisms.

As the Seth of SethFM pointed out: if identity is the determining factor for moral accuracy of argument, then how are we to comprehend the fact that many people from every identity designation seem to exist on every side of nearly every argument?

Therefore, I suggested that, in lieu of utilizing the content of a philosopher’s identity as the basis for measuring the strength of their contentions, we instead inspect their actual arguments. To my delight and simultaneous embarrassment for accidental plagiarism, I have since heard a thinker of slightly greater talents than my own making a similar case. His name is Socrates, and his argument as well as my celebration of it is now available on SethFM for your consideration.



  1. Hi Seth, greatly enjoyed your recent post on identity-related censorhsip. How interesting that Soctrates was likely dealing with similar issues with his own city and people in classical times. Nice to hear relaxed and reasoned arguments (by Socrates and his student Sethcrates) which are so much more convincing than emotion laden rants. I also enjoyed the power-point like presentation with pictures and people switching in and out as appropriate. Finally, there was some pretty cute word-play in the blog to lighten up the presentation.

  2. Thanks Tom2! That’s a generous review. I don’t think Socrates would have accepted such a generous appraisal, but luckily his favourite student, Sethcrates, delights in such kindness!

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