• SETH ABOUT TOWN 18.02.2011

    Dear, SethBlogs (and Sister Site) Fans:

    You knew all this free blog reading was too good to be true! I now have something to ask of you:

    My sister Sorrel (of JamColouredGlasses rival blog fame) and I have both entered the Doritos’ “Write the End” Contest, wherein they would like their customers to supply endings to a commercial already in progress.

    The candidates will be voted until they have 14 finalists. From these, their professional commercial makers will select a winning commercial ending. They will then make that commercial conclusion, paying off the writer with $25,000.

    I intend S.McDonough to be the winner, but unfortunately, we’re not the only contestants, so we need your votes!

    Check out (and vote for?) our entries below: you can vote for as many entries as you like once per day.

    Seth’s Entry A

    Seth’s Entry B

    Sorrel’s Entry

    Thanks for your immediate voting on this matter!

    These links now take you to the finalists… see “THE CHIPS WILL BE DOWN: A SETHBLOGS UPDATE” for a discussion of whether the S.McDonough entries made it there.

    Posted by SethBlog @ 10:10 AM

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