• You may recall my revolutionary rant against sun-biased weather journalism. I’m delighted to report that some of my leading fans (two of my sisters) bought me a t-shirt of support (derived from a noble t-shirt performance artist on the IT Crowd. Resistance may not be futile, after all.

    May the clouds be with us all!

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    • Natalie Says:

      Lookin’ good!

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thanks Natalie. Are you referring to me? Or are you just taking the opportunity to announce how you’re feeling right now? 😉

    • Tom Durrie Says:

      Bravo! I, too, am appalled by the public and media pronouncements: “Oh, another beautiful day!” or “It’s cloudy today but the weather will improve.” Improve? How could you improve over the soft lighting and refreshing air of a cool cloudy day (with welcome occasional showers). There are some matters, like school and sunshine, that people accept without question. This blindness is well supported by media. What? Are they funded by sunscreen manufacturures and test printing companies?

    • Jh Says:

      YAH! You preach it, brother!

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thank you, Tom and JH.

      Tom: Yes, believing in the universal goodness of hot weather is one of the great truths – along with the belief that we should pay less in taxes, and get more in services – that cannot be questioned. I see that even I – a great resister – have been influenced by this collective opinion: after all, I used the term “brain washed” in my rant, instead of the more appropriate, “brain burned.” 😉

      JH: I am honoured to be the leader of this anti-religion against the sun-god. 🙂

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