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With apologies to myself for plagiarizing my Sethblogs post of similar title:

We here at SethBlogs welcome your feedback via “Comments” on the content of this site. (Simply click on the “Comments” or “No Comments” at the top of each post.)

We’re happy to report that, even though WordPress asks you to provide your email in order to make a comment, your e-ddress will NOT be published publicly on the site: only the name you choose to have displayed will be seen by the SethBlogs audience.

And, great news, the SethsBlog staff (Thomas, Zaff, Uncle Seth or even Seth, himself)* work around a clock to respond to as many comments as they can. So, if you’ve always wanted to communicate directly with SethBlogs, this is your chance!

*See the “SethBlogs’ Staff” option a couple buttons over for the full list of SethBlogs employees.

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