In the interest of full disclosure—and Seth-promotion—the spirt of this rant, and other works of Sethiquette, is now available in my book, How to Cure Yourself of Narcissism. Hello there. I understand you’d like to ask a question of our honoured speaker. Ah, yeah—that’s why I’m in line. Excellent, would it be possible to get a … Continue reading YOUR SETHCRATIC GUIDE TO THE Q IN Q&As

STAR WARS: A RUDE AWAKENING? (Contains Spoilers!)

WARNING: This post contains plot spoilers. If you haven’t yet seen Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, please do so now, and then report back here to discuss. WARNING II: This review contains lots of details of The Force Awakens without full explanation because I’m assuming you have heeded the WARNING above, and have … Continue reading STAR WARS: A RUDE AWAKENING? (Contains Spoilers!)

Comments Welcome

With apologies to myself for plagiarizing my Sethblogs post of similar title: We here at SethBlogs welcome your feedback via “Comments” on the content of this site. (Simply click on the “Comments” or “No Comments” at the top of each post.) We’re happy to report that, even though WordPress asks you to provide your email … Continue reading Comments Welcome