First, an apology that SethBlogs has been on an announced hiatus; you might be tempted to blame the new 9-month-old living at Seth Castle; fair enough, but you should also be aware that we have also been competing with a rival blogging outfit for the affections of our top writer. In fact, Seth has recently agreed to simultaneously write for SubStack under the ridiculously Seth-aggrandizing name, SethStacks.

The good news is Seth has consented to share many of his new writings with both SethBlogs and SethStacks, so if you are content where you are, please don’t feel any obligation to join SethStacks. However, there will be there some bonus material that is not here and vice versa, so if you would like access to the full Seth Canon, then we will forgive you if you choose to also subscribe to SethStacks.

The purpose of SethStacks is to build a larger audience for Seth’s next book, which will be a cheerful satire of modern wokeness. If you do go to Substack to visit our leader, you will find a frequently promoted option to upgrade your free subscription to a paid one (for “bonus perks”). However, earning money on subscriptions is not the current goal of SethStacks—especially from friends. So, if you are a long-time subscriber to SethBlogs (or a long-time subscriber to Seth-in-person), and you would like a complimentary SethStacks “paid” subscription, then send Seth an email at, and he’ll set you up.

But, if you’re content with the free version of SethStacks, then all you need to do to betray Sethblogs is to click here to subscribe.

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