• Since publishing the transcript of my delightful (yet oddly, not-yet-gone-viral) rant against biased weather journalists, which was first uttered approximately a decade ago on my pre-podcasting-era “radio” show, Life and Seth (on SETH/FM), I have received a request from my former producer (also named Seth) to publish the video of that original rant here. I am happy to do so in honour of the recently retired CKNW comedic grouch, Neil Macrae, after whom ranting Seth was patterned.

    But I should warn you, before I leave you to your enjoyment and agreement, that I was “broadcasting” for radio, not television, which means that, while the rant was on videotape, my attention was focussed on my voice instead of any special eye contact with the audience. In fact, the only reason the footage is on video is because my video camera possessed the best audio recorder at SETH/FM headquarters.

    Stay cool, my friends.

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    • Tom Durrie Says:

      Ha, ha and hear, hear!

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thank you, TomD, not only for the support, but also for the incidental language lesson. I had assumed that “hear, hear” was “here, here”, but upon my initial smirking at what I perceived to be your spelling error, I checked Wikipedia for corroboration, and it explained to me that “hear, hear” is short for “hear him, hear him”. I here you now! 😉

    • Tarrin Says:

      “RainCloset”, heehee. I like it.

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thank you, Tarrin. Your approval is approved. 🙂

    • deeds Says:

      SO much learning happens here on sethblogs! 🙂 I’m now smarter than you’re. 😉

    • SethBlog Says:

      Thanks Deeds. I don’t know about “SO much learning”, but I think the SethBlogs teams has provided some resistance to a great injustice here that few have thought to resist. (It would be like resisting the sun itself, they may assume.) Glad to hear you’re now smarter that I’m. 🙂

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